RMS signage improvements at Parsley Bay

30 Nov No Comments admin_hryc News

I recently approached RMS, suggesting that speed/wash signage in and around Parsley Bay might be inadequate due to the increase in runabouts, and usage of the cargo loading wharf.   As well as improved ‘4 Knot’ signage, I suggested that several of the floating yellow, 4 Knot Minibuoys  (like the ones outside the moored boats at Cottage Point), would be advantageous on the outer, southern end of the moored boats at the Bay, but RMS did not see a need for these.

Below is the reply that I received last month, from our local RMS Boating Safety Officer, David Lyons.

My apologies with the delay in solving the issue, but please be assured the signs are to be installed before the end of the year.

  1. Extra Large “4 Knots – Right Arrow” sign to be erected to the right of the cargo wharf…
  2. Two Large back to back “4 Knots” to replace the existing sign on the end of the break wall, facing outgoing and incoming traffic”.

If you think that more needs to be done, then feel free to approach David Lyons at RMS.

His contact details are:   David Lyons, Boating Safety Officer

                                                      Lower Hawkesbury River, Maritime Division, Roads and Maritime Services

                                                      Mobile 0427 976 161

                                                      Email david.lyons@rms.nsw.gov.au

Lee Malone