The Starter Rules, OK….

1 Oct 1 Comment admin_hryc News, Uncategorized

When it comes to the start time of the race, the Starter Rules, OK? The published start times are only a guide. When the race starts is completely at the discretion of the starter. So pay attention to the starting flags …not the clock time. The race starts when the division flag is lowered, one minute after the preparatory signal ( Code flag “I” or Code Flag “P”) is lowered.

The Starter postpones the start – for example for lack of wind, or too much wind, or in anticipation of a wind change and course change etc etc – by hoisting Code Flag AP with two sound signals. Code Flag AP has three vertical red bars against a white background. Code Flag AP is lowered (with one sound signal) one minute before the warning signal for the start of the race.

Once again, the Starter Rules, OK! A race can be postponed for any reason.