Vale the West Mark

30 Nov No Comments admin_hryc News

For years we’ve been avoiding (and or mumbling), about navigating our way around the West Mark in Cowan Creek, and for those of us who still have the occasional nightmare about rounding it (due to dropping wind), then the news is looking good, as the Westerly mark looks to soon be a thing of the past. 

Over the past six months, it’s been slowly sinking, so Cliff, Ed and Ken took on the task of retrieving it last month.   Most of the action was undertaken by Cliff – in his dinghy – whilst Ed and Lee circled in Lollipop – offering copious quantities of useful/useless advice – as one does. 

Ignoring all offers and help, Cliff eventually managed to lasso the mark’s line and drag it to Eikon where it was eventually secured and released from its mooring line.  A temporary white buoy was left in place, and it looks as if the committee will deem it too expensive to replace/retain, due to the fact that it’s rarely used.

I’d like to say that there have been some great races, and good memories off this mark, but I’d be fibbing.  I for one am quite happy to say ‘Vale to the Westerly Mark’, and move on with life!

Our thanks to Cliff, Ken and Ed, for their efforts in retrieving our aging, and loyal marker.

Lee Malone